• 6th May 2014 - Vintage Keyboards recording session

    Been recording vintage keyboards (and strings) today for Online Sessions. Recording a Wurli A200, Fender Rhodes mk2, Hammond C3, and a grand piano, plus using my Milward viola, and violin. Great studio, full of world class mics, including an old Sony mic owned and used by Frank Sinatra.
  • 20th April 2014 - I've started on a large orchestral work

    In preparation for some upcoming work, I'm busy learning as much orchestration and composition as possible. I've started a work which could be described as symphonic in length!
  • 9th Apri 2014 - String Quartet session at Metropolis Studios

    Lovely day out with Universal - recorded my string arrangements for 4 tracks which are gonna be big this year on the library scene. Happy Days!
  • 6th April 2014

    I've been recording some piano for my friends over at online sessions.
  • 5th April 2014

    I'm writing and recording some string parts for an upcoming Universal album. It's full of great summer house tunes - sure to brighten up the ad and tv world very shortly!!
  • 20th March 2014 - Cameo in Mr. Turner

    Just found out that my cameo playing violin onboard ship in Mr. Turner directed by the fantastic Mike Leigh made the cut! It's going to be a fabulous film, and I'm very happy to have my 2nd outing in a costume drama.
  • 13th March 2014

    Today I am recording violins for upcoming film with music written by my good friend and fantastic composer, Tom Linden.
  • 12th March 2014

    New website online.